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Status: Open


My internets a bit finicky so, expect some periods of attempting reconnection and lag.
Im so sorry about that!

Updates though for those who havent been around:

Updates + Possible Hiatus 
Alright so, I've been going through a rough couple of months and this week alone has been an emotional roller-coaster as I'm coping with the news my best friend is moving out of state for college around October.

Im happy for her but its still rather hard to take in as we are close like siblings rather than friends.

Now, with that aside, i am debating on whether or not I should continue the Paper Smiles series. Ive lost motivation from dealing with YandereDev and some respect for a game project i grown to love due to lack of proper development from said developer.

Though, if my colorist ColorettaW is still game on continuing our partnership with the comic, ill probably continue it.

Though due to my current state of mental health and physical limitations of my current situation of just graduating High School, it'll be a bit longer for an update and i extremely sorry for that.

Its just been one thing after another for me and I'm worn down and sick of life throwing shade at my happiness and good days momentum ive gotten going.

As you've seen, i havent been posting much artwork either which im sorry as well but due to my current state, art block and lack of motivation to draw has slowed me down a bit and im slowly working to fix that.

Ive taken up modelling again with the PMX editor for MMD so, i got that as an alternative outlet to destress and distracted me from the stress for a few hours.

So yea, i might need to be on Hiatus for awhile to let things settle down and sorted out.

In the meantime let me know what you think i should do for the Paper Smiles comic:

Should i continue it or is everyone not really interested in it anymore?
Edit/ Update:
I found this in my email today while checking for something.

Nice try Daddydev. Not believing a word to this as you already
  1. Acknowledged the proof already established and even commented on Reddit and on this journal 
  2. This is your email you have listed via the Yandere Sim official site and is the one I've contacted you through this endeavor.
Its extremely convenient isn't it that apparently there is a fake email thing going around and you are just telling me?

I smell bullshit.

Thank you guys do much for the support during this particularly rather stressful drama scene involving me and Yandev + the short term deal we had.

I'm glad I can feel I can speak out against something so frustrating to deal with over something that would be so simple to comply with.

Now for those who don't know, I made a deal with YandereDev around late April to make fan made merchandise to sell as long as he gets 20% of the total profits per month. Simple really until I wanted to make a contract in light of the recent DLC Sihouettes art thievery scandal we've heard about just a few days prior to this blowing up.

For a brief yet comprehensible summary of what actually went down, here's the link of a blog list I made on the PULL thread about YanDev as I needed to vent my frustrations right away:…

I also have screen shots of all our convos too in my stash:

Lastly, I've made a video about everything too:

Warning: I used a tablet to record the vid and I ramble and rant a lot. Plus, I've been up since 4:30 am when I made this. But my point still stands.

So what now?

Heres what's going to happen:
  • Im planning to remove all the red bubble links under the DA descriptions of the three total designs I've made already. I'm sorry but, due to the deal being cancel, I'm not selling them anymore.
  • Sometime when I am able to have time to sit down and concentrate (In the very near future) I'll be deleting the works on my Redbubble page completely and starting fresh.
  • I'll keep the already made designs up on my profile as I'm going fuck that on deleting them. I worked too damn hard to completely erase them so, I'm keeping the watermarked versions on my DA.
  • Soon, I'll make my own designs involving my characters you guys enjoy to sell!

It really a shame. I was so excited for this to go into fruition but

Alas, poor Yorik. I knew him well.

Just be wary about Yanderedevs shady shit and don't fall for his charms like I almost did. Protect your rights as an artist.

Please please please spread awareness of this! Spread this issue like wildfire.
In light of the whole art thief fiasco surrounding Dev, I decided to email him about making a contract to make our Gentlemans Deal official. Let's say hell broke loose.

Today, I'll be letting off a little steam through a live stream for everyone to update on the situation and what my honest thoughts are.

heres the link

In the mean time, while I set things up, my mate TheifysSoul had made a journal summarizing the situation as I've told her in light of all this last night. So if you want a brief summary on how I felt and still feel, here's the link:…

Hope to see you lovelies there!
Nothing to See Here by SporkWizard
by my fam SporkWizard 
Give her some love!

PCD - Kita Kukita by Tsiki10

Pixel Doll is by the lovely Tsiki10

ovo designing things in the Yan Sim area of things. (Again)

Its for a surprise for the future once I get things sorted out on my side and I get things set up with YandereDev 
First off, I really want to say thank you for all the unexpected support and supporters from the Yandere Sim community as I only officially joined around July of 2016 but known of the game since late 2015. 

This also includes people who have given me feedback on, commented, and have drawn wonderful fan art of my main Yan sim babe Kita Kukita. Holy flaming demon I was not expecting this to be honest. Especially since she has a crush on one of the most popular rivals of the game.

It brings a tear to my eye to see how much she inspired others to make heir own oc and brought so many potential rivals (for fun of course) for her to have competition for Okas affections. Hell, people made OCs having a crush on Kita which makes me laugh a little. If you want to do that too, go for it. Just be wary that Kita might not share the same affection back.

why do I bring this up? Well, I've stumbled upon accounts on Instagram, and other social media sites using her as a character role play account. Now, I have no proble, with this usually but, it's gotten rather to the point of annoyance since no one links back or at least acknowledge that I am the original artist or creator in cases of using pictures of fanart people drew for me.

The two Instagram accounts I've found are:

@ KitaKukita - EDIT: The owner of the account was kind enough to listen and was very courteous in their reply. They took the account down on their own terms so it's unavailable. 

@ Kita_Kukita

Both use my art and fan art by other people.

Thing is I don't have an Instagram. So, that's one red flag. Some people even have the nerve the say that the artist is their friend and gave them the a-okay. Um..I haven't gotten anything like that as of recently.

so, let me give you guys the social media accounts you can contact me through outside of DA so if you see these usernames in these specific sites and apps you know it's me.

▪️Twitter - @*InvaderIka (without the *)
▪️Tumblr -
▪️YT and G+ - swoomzie
▪️Gaiaonline - Slender-Doll
▪️Pinterest - TBA (I don't remember On the top of my head)
▪️Skype - same as my YT
▪️Yan Sim Fanon Wiki- Swoomzie 

I also have have links to each of the profiles on my profile.

I really appreciate all the fanart, comments and feedback on Kita. I really am. But please understand that the character also has a creator behind her and she's not free to use on a whim.

▫️ If you want to review her, go right ahead

▫️ If you want to draw fanart of her, go right ahead.

▫️ If you want to use the mmd model of her made by DrasiSw and any of the alterations I've done with the model, go right ahead.

▫️ If you're inspired to make an albino oc / Yan sim oc due to her, go right ahead.

▫️ If you want to make an oc having a crush on her or want them to be a rival, go right ahead.

▫️ If you want to add Kita to any mods of the actual game, go right ahead. Just keep her info accurate to what I've posted about her!

▫️ If you want to make a game skin based off of Kita, go right ahead!

All I ask is please don't use her as your own or without any acknowledgement to who originally made her. As well, please credit the people who drew the fan art of her as well. They deserve credit too.

Also please ask me for permission to use her for role playing accounts. I have listed my main social sites I use so, please message me!

So, please, support creators too while enjoying the character. I would love to be recognized for my hard work.


No limits i think since I got a custom link for the occasion

Kinda going to warm up with some background character sketches for Paper Smiles and practicing different facial features etc.