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CP OC REFERENCE REDUX: Slender Doll Ally by InvaderIka CP OC REFERENCE REDUX: Slender Doll Ally by InvaderIka
EDIT// Thank you Mistress-Ink for offering to color, line and everything else on the reference for me! It looks amazing! ;v; So it's what I'm using from now on.

EDIT #2// Ally is now officially taken. Yea. Ally and I had a month or so of grieving over the lost of Weeping Doll but I think it's the time for Ally to find a new love. I believe the person I have chosen for her will be just as loved. I hope you guys enjoy the new couple!

Please do not bash the other shipper and her character for anything stupid such as her OC "just being shipped with Ally for being popular" or "Weeping Forest was better". Forest is officially gone and I have no say in the matter. But in this case with No Eyes, I do. 

I worked hard on my OC by IvyDarkRose Creepypasta in a nutshell by GhostfaceNikol Let's be honest for once by Blazexdx  DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!!!! by MarysuealertplzOC comparison stamp by liento I prefer to agree to disagree by Colliequest

There! Finally got around to update Ally's reference sheet from the digital 2014 one. So, I hope this helps a lot! 

Plus, that old reference sheet was making me cringe a little due to my lack of proper anatomy.

Also please read the backstory/history link below. It explains most of the things involving her powers, her death and her overall relationships with characters. This is only a summary/reference!  

Though thank you all who supported me and her ;w; It's honestly very surprising!


So here is a revamp of an old deviant of mine of Ally's reference. xD
Along with information:

Name: Ally
Real Name: Adeline Abendroth (from past life)
  • Slender Doll
  • Ally-Doll
  • Nightmare Puppet
  • Victorian Ghost Child
  • Nightmare Bringer
  • Wind-Up Child
  • Operator's Doll
  • Operator's Puppet
Age: 118 years of age (Looks 17-18 years old- due to slow aging)
Gender: Female
Ethical Origin: German- she was born in East Berlin
Place/Type of Residence: Black Woods Asylum, Germany
Species: Half-Human/ Half-Slenderbeing
Left/ Right handed
Languages Spoken: German (Native Language), English (Intermediate)
Personality: Normally she's sweet to the one's she knows, curious about her surroundings, dependent of her older protectors and friends, overprotective at times for her "family", tends to be clingy to certain people such as Dream (The-Jesus-Freak), sensitive to certain emotional stimuli, and a little emotionally unstable if riled up.
Nightmare tends to be moody, sharp-tongued, sarcastic in her actions, mature, oddly protective of her other side, predatorial while fighting, and sly in general nature.

Sexual Preference:  Pansexual
Relationship: Taken by No Eyes (by CrossDressingPanda):
This is a fairly new relationship, with Ally being slightly hesitant with her feelings to her rather newly developed crush on a rather cute traveler. She had been in a deep depression due to her first love's death during a rather dangerous mission and kept Forest's mask as a safe keep. 

Fate though seemed to think it was time to move on as a newcomer came to the asylum looking for shelter and someone to help sew new human skin onto her body. It so happens that this dark skinned girl could speak fluent German to Ally's relief, is very generous due to the hospitality given to her, not at all judgmental of Ally and the proxies's odd appearance and loves to sew as much as Ally does. Plus, the new girl seems to have a crush on Ally as well but time will tell on how this couple blossoms.

Date Of "Birth": December 6th, 1895 (Date of resurrection) 
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) 
Weight: 120 Lbs (Normal)/ 170 Lbs (Nightmare)
Height: 5' 4' (Normal)/ 6' 1' (Nightmare)
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Light grey
Hair Color: White
Interests: Doll Making, Sewing, Drawing, Playing Hide and Seek, Cooking, and Exploration
Favorite color: Blue!
Theme Songs
Normal Form:"My Child" by Disturbed
Nightmare Form: "Indestructible" by Disturbed

  • Electricity
  • Fire
  • Scientists and Doctors (due to being captured a few times and experimented/dissected alive)
  • Nightmares
  • The Dark
Special items:  
  • Her signature black voodoo doll
  • Carries needle and threads to stitch anything up back together.
  • Her key is always in her back but there is a spare if its destroyed or torn out.
  • Teleportation
  • Psychic Attacks
  • Black Tendrils from Back
  • Nightmare Form
  • Fear induced Attacks (Nightmare)
  • Surgical Knives (Main weapon/Normal) <---> Chef/Butcher Knives (Nightmare) (Alternates between forms- It transforms to make the weapon more dangerous and heightens the danger factor.)
  • Claws and Teeth (Nightmare)
  • Her tendrils (Both)
  • Electricity (Temporarily paralyzes her from the key stopping and can't move)
  • Sharp Objects (such as knives, glass, blades etc.) (She has human organs and can be stabbed and slashed)
  • Fire (Skin can't heal itself) 
  • Emotional Stress (Causes her Nightmare Form)
  • Her Key (Weakest spot in combat and most vital part!)
  • Tendrils (Can be ripped out or cut off- causes blood-lost in long periods of time)
  • Exorcism (She's undead) 
  • Necromancy (She's Undead)
  • Her Turquoise Soul Gem- (Anchors her soul to her body and is a main source of her powers due to the Slender blood being trapped in the crystals)
  • During the winter months, she sleeps heavily in a hibernation phase for several weeks on end so, she is vulnerable and unable to fight back due to being in deep sleep. 
  • She is very agile for her state, and can contort her body when in Nightmare form due to her flexible spine. Though, if she stretches too far, her wires connecting her gears might come taunt and halt her movements and cause great pain.
  • Inhuman strength in her tendrils and her body- shows most when she is pissed
  • She uses her wit sometimes when she is in trouble- thinking ahead to block an opponents attack or find an escape route to flee despite her childish demeanor. 
  • Immune to poison and psychic attacks
    • Has a knack of picking up intruders within her area (Psychically intuned to surroundings)
    • Resourceful when cornered
    Cause of Death (Before Resurrection) : Murder by mutilation from a hatchet by the head matron of the asylum- being struck so many times that she was pretty much cut into pieces.

    • Childhood: Born on November 8th, 1885 in East Berlin, and raised by the youngest of the older brothers Johnathan. She was born with Undifferentiated Schizophrenia, and was shunned by her mother, two eldest brothers and abused by her father. 
    • Adolescence: At age five, she was sent to the Black Wood Asylum outside of Berlin and kept there for the remaining five years of her life and leading up to her death, she was hunted down as she was fleeing the asylum (which she had help from Nurse Ann) through the woods. This resulted in her being murder by mutilation from a hatchet- being struck so many times that she was pretty much cut into pieces with her limbs cut off and her chest cavity being cut open by the blows as well as some damage to her head and neck. Resurrection soon followed several months after the incident.
    • Adulthood: N/A
    Origin Creepypasta: ORIGIN CREEPYPASTA: Rebirth

    • Tends to shy away from strangers that she detects is slightly dangerous or a threat.
    • Tends to cling onto the ones she gets emotionally attached too and will get jealous if another person comes in the life of the one she clings onto (like a girlfriend/boyfriend to the person that Ally's attached to)
    • She gets overwhelmed if there is too much emotion or stress and might go nightmare without meaning too, and hides from her fears.
    • Parents: Annelie Grünewald (Foster Mother- Deceased), Slenderman (Father Figure/ Foster Father)
    • Siblings: None
    • Children: None 
    • Relatives: None as far as she knows
    • Partner: Taken by No Eyes (by CrossDressingPanda)
    • Familiar: None 
    • Mentors: Slenderman; Various Proxies
    • Ravon
    • No Eyes
    • High Voltage
    • Stitches
    • Dream
    • Elmer
    • Psyche
    • Lolly Dolly
    • Amnesia
    • The Cat Hunter 
    • Grace
    • Amnesia.EXE
    • Suicide Sadie
    • Lazari
    • Gentlemen
    • Victoria The Wooden Doll
    • MOD 
    • Mary Annette
    • Insomnia
    • She-Demon
    • GeekSheek
    • Rouge
    • Xena
    • Tears
    • Graveyard
    • Harley the Plague Proxy
    • The Hangman
    • The Broken Hearted Doll
    • Lulu 
    • Grinner
    • Fidget Bridget
    • Voodoo Doll
    • Scarecrow
    • Crossroads
    • Mother Russia
    • Massacre Queen
    • Pestilence
    • Jeff the Killer
    • Nemesis
    • Zalgo
    • Katazumi
    • Eclipse
    • Mr. Stripes
    • Soothsayer 
    • Plurality #2287
    • The General
    • Bella Luna
    • Bloody Mary
    • The Gambler
    • Toy Maker
    • The Hive 
    • Elena
    • Elinor
    • Justice
    • Schizophrenic (Undifferentiated category)
    • Due to her mental illness, she claims to hear voices, can act with violence, argumentativeness and see things that aren't there (Hallucinations). It also causes her to have a childish mentality despite her age.
    • Due to dying at the age of 10, she is stuck with the mentality of a ten year old despite her appearance.
    • She has no pigment in her hair so it's white and has little to no pigment left in her skin so it has a grey tint to it. (Similar to a corpse)
    • Very emotionally unstable.
    • She "ages" very slowly due to the Slenderblood within her.
    • Her brass key is the only way she moves around and survives. Its connected to gears within her spinal cord that are connected to blood veins, nerves and other connections to keep her organs and other body functions working.
    • She only has weak copies of some of Slenderman's powers. It was granted due to a complication during her resurrection after being sewn up. These powers though are too much for a human soul so it has caused two sides of her mind due to aggravation of her schizophrenia - Normal Form (which is her human side) and Nightmare Form (Her monster/Slender being side) 
    • She was first stitched together in preparation for resurrection, creating the haphazard stitching all across her body, then Slenderman created a soul gem for her to be bound to her body. In the creation of the gem, some of his blood got mixed into the formation of the crystals, which caused the transferring of some of his abilities onto her; though these are weak copies of these abilities. Due to this, as mentioned above, it aggravated her mental state of mind and her already unstable soul so it created two sides to balance out the power given to her to her human side.
    • She's not technically considered a proxy, as the proxies protect her when they are idle, but still follows the rules and takes orders from Slender.
    • Carries a comfort toy of a black voodoo doll that she hates to part with- take it away and she will throw a fit!
    • Keeps her surgical knives hidden in her boots and her pins and needles inside hidden pockets in her over skirt of her dress.
    • Carries around black thread and a sewing needle just in case her seams in her skin come loose from age or damage.

    • During winter months, Ally, due her slenderbeing side, tended to hibernate with long bouts of slumber for a week or so and awaken for a few days of alertness before going back to sleep. It's odd but it also makes the job for protecting her much easier for the idle proxies 
    • If in front of a mirror, Ally herself will see her normal reflection. However, bystanders might actually see a glimpse of Nightmare Ally instead in place of the doll's reflection.
    • She has memory "blanks" every time she recovers from her Nightmare form. She will not remember anything that has happen during that time. She call these blanks "Black outs"
    • Her Nightmare Mode is a last resort attack- if Ally gets too worked up in anger or sadness (or any other strong negative emotion), gets extremely afraid or is wounded enough that she can't fight back, it trigger's her Nightmare Form transformation
    • Can get very attached to one or more people and might react to them being harmed or injured
    Nightmare Form Notes:
    Her behavior can break down into two main traits-
    • Childish but in a more twisted sense- this is the personality trait that shows when Ally normally goes Nightmare. It resembles an psychotic adolescent. It involves her glee and pleasure to harm and kill everything that she could get her hands on- including the one who pissed her off. 
    • Mature but very sarcastic and sharped tongue- This is a rare one, sometimes portrayed as her version of Slender's "inherited" intelligence- spits insults and can actually function like a normal 17 year old girl unlike her Normal counterpart. Although most times she only uses this trait if she wants to lure victims to follow or play mind games with them or is speaking through her "human" side with a temporary hold onto the body.
    Nightmare Form Combat Tip(s):
    • When Ally's key is pulled out, it causes the gears embedded on her spine to stop turning, making her fully paralyzed and unable to move. Also can cause slow death by simply lack of oxygen circulation from the blood through the heart. A side effect of this method is each time you pull it out in her Nightmare Form, it gets harder and harder to pull out each time afterwards.
    • Be persistent in combat- wearing her down into exhaustion or simply taking her down so she can't fight back is a good way to revert her to her Normal Form.
    • Her Nightmare side can take more damage/pain than her normal self, making the illusion of being indestructible. If she gets too overwhelmed though, she will collapse due to either blood loss or just an overload of pain reception. Another thing that will revert Ally back to normal is the removal of her key. This causes mass paralysis and makes NM Ally immobile, forcing her to return to normal. A side effect is that it gets harder and harder to pull the key after the first time doing it.

    Misc. Notes:

    • The only reason Annelie Grünewald stayed with Ally and Slender is because she was in a way forced to. It was either keep the slaughter of the asylum a secret by remaining there or be killed by Slender. She only went to war to avoid suspicion and the  discovery of Slender and Ally.
    • Annelie Grünewald dies in service as a nurse during WW1 saving Johnathan who was Adeline’s older brother who tried to protect Adeline in their time together. Johnathan dies several years later in action.
    • Ann also was the one who made Ally her prized black and red voodoo doll that the living doll carries around. It was a gift on Ally’s “birthday” before Ann left for war.
    • Ally regards Annelie Grünewald as Mommy because of waking up to her and Slenderman after her ressurection. The same reason applies to Slenderman plus the realization of the “similar” powers between the myth and the doll. (Its like a baby duck sees you and think you're Mommy)
    • Ally’s extremely sensitive to the topic of “Mommy”; she still believes her "mom" will come back home. 
    • "Its laughing gas!"
    • "Beware..the shadows will consume you."
    • "Wanna play a game?"
    • "Am I an abomination..or a real person?"
    • "Tick tock goes the clock..."
    • "I'm human...Well..sort of human..."
    Further References (Please click!)
    TRADITIONAL REF: Ally Anatomy Doodle + Misc. Notes

    Nightmare Ally's Anatomy
    Ally's Dress Design
    Portrait of a Doll (Digital)
    Ally's Color Palette
    Ally's form height comparisions
    Ally's Outfit and Character Notes
    Ally's Transformation to Nightmare Notes
    Doll's Madness

    Further Insight/Information on Ally:
    Ally's Complete Bio (OUTDATED)
    Ally's Character Summary (SOMEWHAT OUTDATED)
    Ally's Powers Essay (OUTDATED)

    And there we go!

    Slender Doll Ally and artwork (c) me!
    Coloring/Redesign of Ref (c) Mistress-Ink 
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    also, it dosnt seem like she has other clothing, does she do that stupid cartoon thing where they have more then one of the same outfit? its not rilistic. 

    i would also like to know WHY she has those nicknames. 

    and the powers are kinda Op-ish. i mean, tendrils coming from her back is basicly slender man's thing. and teliportation is also slenders thing. so its kinda matching her up to one of the "boss's" of the hole thing. i would also like to know WHY she has those powers. i know its easy to say "cuz magic" but then its anouther case of "why?" what was the thing that gave her thos powers? was she born with them? then how did they come to her? was it ust randomly? then what was the entaty that gave it to her? and WHY. if you see im always going back tot he "why" its just that i REALY want to know how you can pull it off. you seem like a realy imagonitive person. and i do like the art styel you have here. 

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    all and all i give this OC


    note: im not the best at art, OCs and life so im sorry if i offended you 
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