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Ally Fanart

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All the Ally Fanart I have collected >w<

Ahmigod I'm glad you guys appreciate my little doll :iconblushplz:

Thank you for the Support!

I support my friends stamp by SynfullThanks for visitin by k-neloI love my watchers stamp by violetsteelThank you for the favs Stamp by violetsteelThank You Stamp - animated by GarassiThank you Stamp. by itsreality

My Creepypasta OCs.

Multi-styled Text Generator at

:bulletblack: Ally/Nightmare Ally :bulletblack:
Official Reference(s): DIGITIAL CREEPYPASTA OC REFERENCE: Ally by InvaderIka and TRADITIONAL REFERENCE: NM Ally Anatomy (REVISE) by InvaderIka
Other References:…
Other Art:…
Occupation Unknown
Card suits divider by bailuluCard suits divider by bailuluCard suits divider by bailulu
:bulletgreen: Ravon/ Ravon Whitechapel :bulletgreen:
Official Reference(s): TRADITIONAL REFERENCE: Ravon's Character Design by InvaderIka
Other Art:…
Occupation Slenderman Proxy
Card suits divider by bailuluCard suits divider by bailuluCard suits divider by bailulu
:bulletblue: High Voltage/ Annibelle Harkson :bulletblue:
Official Reference(s): DIGITIAL CREEPYPASTA OC REFERENCE: High Voltage by InvaderIka and TRADITIONAL: High Voltage Reference (Original) by InvaderIka
Other References:
Other Art:…
Occupation Slenderman Proxy
Card suits divider by bailuluCard suits divider by bailuluCard suits divider by bailulu
:bulletred: Soothsayer/ Eupheme :bulletred:
Official Reference(s): TRADITIONAL REFERENCE: Soothsayer's Design by InvaderIka
Other References:
Other Art:…
Occupation ZALGO Proxy
Card suits divider by bailuluCard suits divider by bailuluCard suits divider by bailulu
:bulletorange: Psyche/ Ruth Witchhazel :bulletorange:
Official Reference(s): DIGITAL CREEPYPASTA OC REFERENCE: Psyche by InvaderIka
Other References:
Occupation Necromancer Witch in Training/ Soul Collector
Card suits divider by bailuluCard suits divider by bailuluCard suits divider by bailulu
:bulletblue: Toy Maker :bulletpurple:
Official Reference(s): TRADITIONAL: Official Toy Maker Reference by InvaderIka
Other References:
Occupation Unknown

Need a hand in CP OC Creation?

Creation in General:
Creating an Original Creepypasta OC for DummiesCreating an Original Creepypasta OC for Dummies
So, you’ve probably seen all the awesome OCs floating around on DA. You may have heard that creepypasta OCs are hard to create. That’s not true at all, and I’ll show you why in a bit. Or maybe you received criticism for an earlier OC of yours. Well, even if your character is in fact poorly designed, all legitimate art is still art. So while you shouldn’t ignore constructive criticism, you shouldn’t listen to the haters. I’ve noticed most of those people don’t even do art at all and just troll the forums and insult shippings that aren’t their personal favourites. What losers, eh?
Which in a way brings me to my first point which is more about how to avoid criticism: don’t ship your character with an existing pasta unless you have permission. The original creator probably wouldn’t approve if they knew, and it’s just bad form. Nothing brings the critics out like making your sup
Creating a Non-Human Creepypasta OC for DummiesCreating a Non-Human Creepypasta OC for Dummies
Alright, we’re back for round two on making a pasta OC. In my initial guide (which you can read in the link below) I tried to provide the foundations for making a good pasta OC. Assuming that the foundations to the building were for a house so your pastas had someplace nice to live in, let’s add a backyard pool and a second floor to that house. By which I mean let’s talk about an important aspect of making characters interesting as well as making interesting characters: non-human OCs. Since “non-human” is a pretty broad term, we’ll divide it into three common divisions for creepypastas: daemons, spirits/ghosts, and monsters.
Daemons are my personal preference in that literally every single one of my OCs is at least partially daemonic, but this is more due to the universe I built for my stories than laziness…I hope. Why daemons? Simple: Hell is the ultimate scare in that a lot of people, myself in

Need to break the Mary Sue model?:
How to Avoid Making Your Creepypasta OC a Mary SueHow to Avoid Making Your Creepypasta OC a Mary Sue
For this part of my continuing series on making a quality OC, we’re going to talk about the most dreaded two words for any serious author: “Mary Sue”, or “Gary Stu” as it’s called for male characters.
What is a Mary Sue? Different people seem to have different definitions but there is one in particular I am familiar with, and the one most often found in creepypasta Mary Sues. This is the type that is basically the author, only cooler, sexier, and always quick with a bad punchline when they kill someone, with more friends than the author does but still oh so tragic and misunderstood. They probably have cat ears and maybe a mask. And they are always way, way overpowered. Oh, and all the male creepypastas are in love with them. You know the type of character I’m talking about.
Now, not every character that has just a few of these traits is a Mary Sue. So don’t jump the gun and throw away a c

Research and Backstory:
Creepypasta OC for Dummies: Design TipsOriginal Series (c) ShackleSoul c:
TOPIC: Design Tips/ Inspiration from Research.
Now I wanted to add my little chapter in this to further help Deviants new to the vast Creepypasta fandom and need help creating a Creepypasta character for themselves or want to further tips to make their already created OCs unique.
We will be going through some subtopics under this:
How to make a character believable with a physical or mental illness through research.How to design a character's clothes based off of time factor or backgroundHow a person raised in a different era would probably speak and act differently due to older cultural attitudes and speech patterns
Physical/ Mental Illnesses- How to do it right for your OC:
    Now, you may have seen most Creepypasta OC's with an metal or physical illness of sorts. My tip to you is before you do anything involving an illness to further flesh out your character, please research the illne
How to Give Your Creepypasta OC a Good BackstoryHow to Give Your Creepypasta OC a Good Backstory
Howdy to all my fellow pastamakers! Not the food kind, the other kind. Anyway, in this particular guide I thought I’d share what advice I can on creating a proper backstory for your OC. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of great OCs out there who are missing a background on how they came to be and why they do what they do. Creating an origin story for your OC is as important in my opinion as giving them a memorable appearance and personality.
There's one model in particular I use for my once-human character, but you can follow it too if you so wish. It includes a set-up that describes who the character was and what they and their life used to be like, a dramatic incident which marks the transition to a Creepypasta, and an awakening to their new life as a creature of horror.
(I should mention that for the sake of simplicity we’ll just be assuming you character was once or is still human for this exercise. Besides, if som
Creating Interactions Between Creepypasta OC'sCreating Interactions between Creepypasta OC's
Hello to all you out there in the creepypasta community! In this continuation of my guides on pasta creation, we’ll be talking about making your own fancanon for both official characters and your own OC’s. Or your own pastaverse, as it were. Basically, I’ve noticed that a lot of people create a good OC that may even have a good story. Problems occur, however, when the topic of how their own characters fit in with the other pastas they interact with comes up.
First off, I should mention that a lot of people, particularly many traditionalists, dislike the idea of their OC’s existing in the same “universe” as other pastas. There is some truth to this because there’s nothing wrong with making your creepypastas have their own personal existence like this, in a world where they are the only monsters out there. However, you can still have a good story if your OCs end up interacting with other people

Tips on Spreading Art of your OC:
Ika's Tips for Newcomers to Creepypasta: OCsSo, I have been asked how Ally has been spreading around DA (like wildfire in my eyes xD) and how she became well-known, has so much fanart etc.
So, to help those old and new to the fandom and want to spread their OC around DA such I have (mainly with Ally and my other OCs), I have tips to help you get started.
These are mainly my own opinion and techniques and shouldn't be revered xD
Ok, here we go!
 Ask around if anyone is doing ATs, commissions or requests. If someone is open- ask them if they will draw your OC. (Most of the art I've gotten is commissions i requested or Art trades! x3) Write, draw, refine your OC! xD Drawing your OC gives a visual reference to many other pasta-fans and writing can help develop character in back-story, personality, characteristics etc. Refining them further if you want can help make your OC unique against the other OCs and more recognizable~
 Be open about critiques- ask around and see what people like or dislike about your OC (You've

Which out of my Creepypasta/ Slenderverse Original Characters is your favorite? 

56 deviants said Slender Doll Ally
14 deviants said The Hangman
6 deviants said Soothsayer
4 deviants said Eclipse
3 deviants said Ravon
3 deviants said Toy Maker
2 deviants said High Voltage
No deviants said Psyche

Profile Links to Everything c:

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What this fandom needs by BlazexdxArt taste by Queen-Soulia
Your opinion is just insulting and rude. by Little-rolling-beanCREEPY PASTA OC: Ally x WF Stamp by corgicakesLove All Hate None by lollirotfest


Welcome to my Page~

Hullo~ Welcome to my page my dears~
Artist // 16 //Selftaught // Bisexual // ♐ // Taken

Multi-styled Text Generator at

Name: Sierra R.
Known As: Ika, Ally, Ally-Doll, Tweek, C.C
Age: 16
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Taken <3
Zodiac: Sagittarius Sagittarius posing by Botchan-MLP
Interests: drawing, writing, role-playing, doodling random shit in my sketchbooks, making new friends, being that awkward weird kid in the group... xD
Current Fandoms: MLP:FiM, Creepypasta, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Soul Eater
Favorite Bands: Skillet, Disturbed, Shinedown, Hollywood Undead, Three Days Grace, Paramore, Fallout Boy, Breaking Benjamin
Fun Facts:
:bulletred: I am the creator of the Creepypasta OC dubbed "Slender Doll Ally" or just "Ally"
:bulletblack: I really am shy sometimes but don't hesitate to chat with me!
I'm known to be a good listener and good shoulder to cry on.
:bulletblue: I am the awkward person who makes a conversation interesting.
:bulletpurple: Do not get on my bad side: Believe me you will regret it xD
:bulletgreen: Shoot me a note if you want to talk or ask questions! I don't bite~

If you like my art, +watchers and favorites are appreciated <3
Peeps I Know From the Real World:

My birthday badge
Free Visitor Maps at


I'm nice online, unless you piss me off by TheArtOfNotLikingYouI would be a bigot to diss those who are not me. by Little-rolling-beanI don't want to please ASSHOLES. by Little-rolling-bean

DA Family <3


Stamp - for friends only - gifts by Sha-cuteStamp - for friends only - requests by Sha-cute
Not in any particular order! x3
Only these people can ask for anything <3 My special peeps!


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About me:

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