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  1. Copy + Paste the rules
  2. Your OC must answer every question with honesty. 
  3. Title should be "OC Interview". 
  4. When done tag as many people as you wish
  5. Have Fun!

Greetings, what's your name? 

Most folks call me Hangman

Good to know, now what about your current age?

29 for eternity. That's all y'all need ta know

Wow! That is amazing. Favorite food?

Can't taste for shit. So what's the point?

A favorite drink?

As I said, can't taste for shit but I do enjoy the feelin' of whisky when I git the chance

Ok then.... Activities you enjoy?

I do particularly enjoy helpin' Lenore raisin' her flock. Though ravens can be finicky. 

Interesting... Now who is the person you are with...

My gal is currently Crossroads. Anythin' else y'all itchin to know?

Now to be a little more deep... have you made out?

...Uh..yea. Ain't my first time around ya know.

What is Your Favorite Color?

Don't have one.

I see... You have relatives?

Well...that's a bit of a touchy subject. If y'all referrin' to my previous family, I 'pose I did. Though, they're all probably dust by now. Let leave it at that, shall we?

Oh my... Any siblings?

Only have my elder brother John. Though by now, he's done the Big Jump already.

I understand. Enemies?

Got too many to count. Atween you and me, I ain't all keen on discussion much of that either. Believe me, I wouldn't like me if I had to deal with myself. 

Wow that is a lot.... Any allies...?

I only have a few to count:

The Salem Twins are nice gals, though they need some work on usin' their powers as phantoms. 

Elinor the Blind Witch  is someone I consider an ally but we barely tolerate each other. 

Elmer Toddson..well, that's an a
ll-overish subject I don't want to git mixed into.

Crossroads is my current partner so she's one of my higher priorities

Illane is my adoptive daughter. Ain't gonna let her go if it means that my gem breaks. 

Suicide Sadie is someone I do know  but it's been a few brief meetings at best. 

That's the only one's I know on the top of my head.

favorite Author? 

My departed wife enjoyed the readings of Edgar Allen Poe so I named my raven guardian Lenore in honor of that hobby.

I see... Biggest fear?

....There is plenty for a cowboy to fear. For me, it's all beer and skittles to talk about it so, I advise you not to press.

Very Brave indeed... any dark pasts?

...I'll be damned if my own past ain't dark. Believe me, I got the wounds to prove it.

Okay, I got maybe three left and you'll be off the hook. Biggest Nightmare.


....Not bein' able to save Amelia.



Get on with the next question. Please.

Ok! Now bit random... Favorite Music...

Don't have one.

 Last one, place to relax? 

I prefer the comfort of my own home at Hendrick's Post. At least the beds are still there. 

Okay now to tag some others...


Go right ahead if you want to do this as well.


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Sierra Ross
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

Ally Journal Doll made by the awesome SweetsVLD

Made by the wonderful WhiteNoiseGhost

Pixel Golden Topaz by the amazing Lurkypasta

Thank you for visiting!

Hullo~ Welcome to my page my dears~
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:bulletred: I'm a 17 year old female dork who lives in Northern Ohio. I also have blonde hair and blue eyes. o3o
:bulletblack: I'm really into mainly Creepypasta, MLP:FiM, Doctor Who and American Horror Story
:bulletwhite: I have scoliosis in my lower back and have a sensitivity to wheat/gluten (It suuuucccckkks)
:bulletred: I'm a pretty sweet girl who likes to help people and meet new people but will get very aggressive if you be rude to me or be a jerk. Respect me and I'll do the same.
:bulletblack: I do much of my art traditionally with pencil, black pen and markers.
:bulletwhite: My most popular OCs or well known OCs are Slender Doll Ally and The Hangman in the Creepypasta Fandom
:bulletred: I tend to fangirl...a lot.
:bulletblack: My favorite bands are Skillet, We as Human, Volbeat, Disturbed, Mushroomhead, Fall Out Boy, Evanescence, Paramore, Flyleaf and Hollywood Undead.
:bulletwhite: I don't bite....hard.
:bulletred: Did I mention I wear glasses? I am blind as a bat without them x.x
:bulletblack: I also like to write odd little stories. Usually it's with my CP OCs but nonetheless I kinda get carried away...

My Creepypasta OCs

:bulletred:Slender Doll Ally
:bulletblack:Toy Maker
:bulletblack:The Hangman
:bulletred:The Broken Hearted Doll
:bulletblack:The Gambler
:bulletred:The Hive
:bulletblack:The Gentleman
:bulletblack:The Salem Twins

My Slenderverse OCs

:bulletblack:High Voltage

The Official Shipping List

:bulletred:Ika's OTPs
:bulletblack:Ika's OTP's Theme Songs

The Creepypasta OC Help Center

:bulletred:Ika's Guides to CP OCs
:bulletblack:Creepypasta OC Inspiration Folder

Some notes about my OCs
Yes- you may draw them!
Yes- you may use them for inspirational purposes
No- you may NOT claim as your own or STEAL them! I will hunt you down if this happens!
Thank you!

Real life friends:
//desiambrose//sonicrainboom1234// TheMangaManiac//

Featured Dorks:

//XxTheMadHouseXwX//LavaPixie// Grellbird//ShackleSoul

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