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The Hangman Fanart

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Oh look.
It seems The Hangmans been "hanging" around in people galleries o:


For all those interested in needing assistance in making your own Creepypasta OC, please check out my resources made for your use:

Creepypasta OC for Dummies: Design TipsOriginal Series (c) ShackleSoul c:
TOPIC: Design Tips/ Inspiration from Research.
Now I wanted to add my little chapter in this to further help Deviants new to the vast Creepypasta fandom and need help creating a Creepypasta character for themselves or want to further tips to make their already created OCs unique.
We will be going through some subtopics under this:
How to make a character believable with a physical or mental illness through research.How to design a character's clothes based off of time factor or backgroundHow a person raised in a different era would probably speak and act differently due to older cultural attitudes and speech patterns
Physical/ Mental Illnesses- How to do it right for your OC:
    Now, you may have seen most Creepypasta OC's with an metal or physical illness of sorts. My tip to you is before you do anything involving an illness to further flesh out your character, please research the illne
CPOCFD: Common Creepypasta ClichesHello everyone with another chapter of Creepypasta OC For Dummies!
Today, I'll list the most common cliches in the making or writing of Creepypasta OCs.
And I quote from ShackleSoul from his wonderful How to Avoid Making Your Creepypasta OC a Mary Sue:
"What is a Mary Sue? Different people seem to have different definitions but there is one in particular I am familiar with, and the one most often found in creepypasta Mary Sues. This is the type that is basically the author, only cooler, sexier, and always quick with a bad punchline when they kill someone, with more friends than the author does but still oh so tragic and misunderstood. They probably have cat ears and maybe a mask. And they are always way, way overpowered. Oh, and all the male creepypastas are in love with them. You know the type of character I’m talking about.
Now, not every character that has just a few of these traits is a Mary Sue. So don’t
CP OC FOR DUMMIES: Creating a cool Design (EDITED)Another addition to ShackleSoul's wonderfully helpful series in which can be located here. Remember to read my other addition about the important of research in the making of your character which can be read here as well. 
Today, we will be discussing ways to create an unique character design for your very own pasta, whether it be your very first or one that you really want to add to your pasta collection. This includes the researching addition which I have linked above for your viewing pleasures if you need more insight on that. 
Where do we start? 
Now, first we need to decide what our pasta is going to be as. What species or occupation do they take into this dark world of madness and monsters? How do they fit in the misfit society of the CP world? Are they a demon or kil
CP OC RESOURCE: Soul GemsHello again my fellow CP OC creators! I hope you are hungry for more pasta because this is a big serving of material for your creations!
Soul gems were originally developed by my friend ZacTheMangaManiac in the sense of what I am presenting to you. I happen to help develop the ideals of the gem while he helped form the overall design/concept.
So lets begin!
General Information
    Soul gems are a solid gem that is commonly found in earthbound spirits, the resurrected, the undead, figments and in some cases golems and puppets of any kind. These gems are usually a solid form of the soul of the deceased and the stone itself is the gem of the birth month of that particular person. It is also created either by when the soul has unfinished business and has a strong enough will not to pass on to the afterlife or created using certain spells that can create soul gems to put in
CP OC RESOURCE: Soul Gem AbilitiesRemember to refer to my first part of this overall resource located right here for main information on soul gems.
These are the abilities linked to each month. Some abilities are shared between certain months such as muffling abilities and so forth. There are abilities that are granted no matter what month you were born in as well but that saved for the end.
Now here we go!
Soul Gem Abilities

Janurary- Garnet

Abilities include
Protection from nightmare related attacksNatural guidance so the soul never get lostDream manipulationInvisibility
Muffling AbilitiesNatural resistance to fear based attacks
February - Amethyst

Abilities include
Tranquility/Calming abilitiesMental insight on one's pastIncreased awareness to surroundingsIncreased intelligenceObject ManipulationSolidification at will
March- Aquamarine/ Bloodstone

Abilities inc

Creepypasta/Slenderverse Blank Information SheetName:
Real Name:
Age of Death: (Optional- if they had died before becoming a pasta/SV OC)
Ethical Origin: (Optional)
Place of Origin: (Optional)
Species:  (What are they? (Ex: Ghost, human, daemon etc...))
Sexual Preference: (Optional)
Affiliation: (If they have one)
Occupation: (If they have one)
Date Of Birth:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Hair Color:
Fears: (What are they afraid of?)
Powers/Abilities: (What powers or abilities do they have?)
Weapons: (What do they use for combat? (If any) )
How S/he kills/wounds in Combat:
Weaknesses: (what weakens them or what are they weakest to?)
Strengths: (What are they immune to or really good at?)
Cause of Death: (Optional- if they had died before becoming a pasta/SV OC)
History: (His
Creepypasta- The Fighters Blank TemplateBio: (Brief summary of your OCs backstory/bio)
Powers/Weapons: (What are their abilities and weapons they use in combat?)
(what are the normal attacks they use in combat?)
Special Move: 
(what is the one move used (X-ray move/special battle combination..))
Creepy Finishers: 
(What is their finishing moves/fatality moves to their opponent?)
Friendship: (What happens when friendship is established?)
Intro Pose: (How does your OC enters the area?)
Winning Pose: (what does your OC do if he winning?)
Victory Pose: (What does your OC do after the battle?)
Winning Quotes: 
(What does your OC say after victory/during battle?)
Arcade Intro:
It was just another day for ____. That is, until he/she heard a rumor of a place that every creepypasta was gathering at to hear strange news and a odd challenge. It wasn't until later that ____ learned that a god was gathe
REFERENCE TEMPLATE: Creepypasta OC Reference Base by InvaderIka

Inspiration Folder
>> Click here for pictures/stock for all your inspirational needs. Remember to credit the artists!<<


Ally Fan Stamp by InvaderIkaSTAMP: Creepypasta OC Support Stamp by InvaderIkaUR CP OC IS A MARYSUE BECUZ DEY ARE RELATED TO X!! by InvaderIkaSTAMP: I Support Creative Creepypasta OCs by InvaderIkaSTAMP: The Hangman Support/Fan Stamp by InvaderIkaSTAMP: Hanging Roads (Hangman x Crossroads) by InvaderIka


:thumb482943044: The Hangman by Dake-NaitaNightmare Princess by MistressRubyAlly the Slenderdoll by half-roseCreepypastas OCs (female) by kaleePANDAGhosts,Giests and Phantoms by ZacTheMangaManiacWanna be friends? by Shadowsinsanity[Gift] InvaderIka by lovelymeowsHigh Voltage 2.0 by ZacTheMangaManiacSolid Ravon. Wait now um... Jett Black Ravon? by ZacTheMangaManiacI Have No Witty Name Fot This by redrumkilla:thumb465822434:GIFTS 1: Bust Sketches by ZacTheMangaManiac:CP OC: Psyche sprite by RaccoonQueen:thumb452361105:[Gift] Ah Yea by GhostfaceNikolI'll protect you by Shadowsinsanityrequest Ally and Soothsayer by MissCreepypastaNekoSoothsayer by HellishProxyGift, Ally the Slender Doll. by BunniesovercatsAlly by Letty524:thumb479182734:Comm 12# Slender Doll Ally by IchiroChanThe Doll and The Plauge by TheifToASlaveSpecial Art Gift - Weeping Doll by xArachnoFreakxTomoda's Ally cosplay by WhiteNoiseGhostAlly by LecheLalaRequest: The Chess Master and Ally by 1Day4DreamsNightmare or Normality? by TheifToASlaveLet The Battle Comence by TheifToASlaveYour Darkest Fears by TheifToASlaveHangman by ZacTheMangaManiac:thumb395089463:A little Ravon by proxymacchiatoHeadshot Commission for InvaderIka UwU by AwkwardSharkie:GIFT:Dark Nights by PuppyTypewriter:thumb464460429:Hair Dye by UmmuVonNadia:thumb471412776:Ravon fansketch by daisiesinthepagesCommission: I stole your hat xD by Ruleria-the-RedThe Operator's Doll by WhiteNoiseGhostRequest - Ravon by LavaPixieCommission: Hangman by CharlieNomsUrFaceDoll- Ally by BeautifulFlowerZWeeping doll art Gift by Squishykitt:thumb467514706:[Request] Cutie pies! by Blazexdx[Sketch SlenderVerse OC] Warm kisses by Blazexdx:thumb442204925::thumb445307251::thumb447951271:[CCP OC] Ally by PocketChocolate[Sketchbook Entry] Ally the Nightmare Doll by UmmuVonNadia:thumb463321283::thumb479962335:Request: OCvsOC ::Nightmare Ally vs Splice:: by DaRecklessRequest: Ally by SquishykittSLENDER DOLL ALLY: Im The One You Want To Fear.... by LoveSweetLOVE2155Arttrade: Nemesis and Geneva vs Nightmare Ally by darkangel6021AT: InvaderIka (Ally) by Lea-LuRequest: OC vs. OC ::Ally vs. Xille:: by DaRecklessRequest: Nightmare Ally Wallpaper by DaRecklessAlly by CyberSKUNK69CP Comic Characters #1 by YukellaWhat a cute doll. by EndlessVirusRequest/Gift: NM Ally vs SerpentKiller by ThePlantGodChibi Ally's(gift) by FicLoverSmiles:thumb454740277:Ally vs Kate by KillingKate1:thumb443166214:Commission:  Ally by Desy017High Voltage ( InvaderIka's CreepyPasta OC) by MashiNabiAnother Alice. by Dashingly-Distorted:thumb474330730:Creepy Pasta:Ally/Slender Doll by LiiflessWolfQueen of Nightmares. (Contest entry!) by Dashingly-DistortedMisplaced Childhood. by Dashingly-Distorted:thumb452360839:Stars Ally by ThePlantGod:thumb464829581:Nightmare: Muda!/Useless! by ZacTheMangaManiacNightmare Ally Vs Shadow Rose by L0ra2:thumb456753272:RQ Ally the Slender Doll by Kirskii{Commission} Ally by LunaticLily13weeping doll by onixmoon1[AT] Hugz by BlazexdxGIFT: Ally the Slender Doll by ZacTheMangaManiacNighmare Ally vs. Slender Tears by D-ZANY-GOLLUMNRequest: Ally Doll by RozaleineContest Entry: Nightmare Ally by RozaleineWhoop doop- Ally and Hemera by Lurkypasta.:Request:. Nightmare Ally by xXMulti-Bunny-ChanXx:GIFT: Ally Portrait by PuppyTypewriterPC- Ally by Digital-DeckerLet's play, it will be fun by potatochipieLittle Miss Ally and The Blood Moon by limpythebunny17\\::.Ally.::// by LaxianneAlly by sonicrainboom1234Ally by onixmoon1Commission: InvaderIka by InsanePasta:Contest Entry: Nature Naps! by X-Lollipop-Gothica-X:thumb443806947:Ally The Slender Doll by beni100Slender Doll Ally by Setsuna-doraibu:thumb477362258::thumb469718949:slender doll ally by xVoidAndTheMonstersxWeeping Doll by xArachnoFreakx:thumb428654508::thumb448560443:COMM- Little Nightmare by TricksterWickedContest Entry: Underneath the cherry blossom tree by ThePlantGodYou Failed At Life by GhostfaceNikol:thumb447951271:[OC + Request] Weeping Doll by ChaoticPuppetMasterYumi meets Ally by ShadowsinsanityWeeping Doll For InvaderIka by MadisonTheSp00kyCorruption - Page 29 by YukellaCorruption - Page 29 by Yukella Creepypasta the Fighters: Ally the Slender Doll
Bio: Adeline Abendroth was the youngest of 4, living in the slums of Victorian Era Berlin. She was born with Schizophrenia, which caused her to be sent to a mental asylum. She was brutally murdered by a nurse in the asylum when she was 10, but Slender Man was able to resurrect her after striking a deal with Mr.Creepyapasta. She is now known as the Victorian Ghost Child or Ally the Slender Doll.
Powers/Weapons: Ally has the same abilities as Slender Man but due to a freak accident that happened during her resurrection, they are much weaker. She also uses Poison tipped Pins, Voodoo Doll replicas, Surgical Knives and has a form called the nightmare form that is brought on by emotional pressure.
*Tendril Impale: Ally creates tentacles from her back that spear the opponent.
*Pinned Ya: Ally throws Pins at her opponent.
*Doll Flip: Ally does a flip kick.
*Spinning Cutter: Holding her Knives out, Ally spins around. Depending on the input she will either remain stationary or move.
:thumb482463438: Creepypasta: The Hangman's OriginCreepypasta: The Hangman’s Origin
The year is 1887 and you are Will Jameson, a photographer for a fairly well-known New York paper. It is a well-paying and fairly secure position. Your current task is to venture into that dying side of America called the Old West, currently on the verge of collapse under the crushing weight of modernization. The rail systems appear to make the country seem smaller every time they are expanded. Fittingly enough, because that’s how you are travelling to the ghost town you are supposed to take pictures of anyhow, via said railway.
Your economy cab is empty, save for one other male passenger and yourself of course. The interior is dimly lit, and the roaring din of the thunderstorm outside doesn’t do much to help visibility. It just makes you all the more thankful for the oil lantern suspended from the ceiling, without which you would trip over your own feet if you got up. Not like the cramped, sparsely appointed cab would give you enough
Ally-Doll/Nightmare BringerAlly-Doll/Nightmare Bringer
Ally-Doll, sleeping soundly in your bed
A waking dream pours from your head
Innocence and sorrow so queerly amiss
What happened to a child to make this?
Little Ally-Doll, wipe your tears away
You are not the one who should be afraid
The father, the keeper of the lost children
The Slenderman, the stalker of the fen
Nightmare Bringer in our dreams
Curse us all and feed off our screams
Hate and mirth growing as we all die
What lunatic god lets us rot where we lie?
Who are you, where are you sending us?
Why do you treat your victims with disgust?
Does your daddy know where the Ally begins?
Does the daddy know when the nightmare ends?
Creepypasta: The Officer and the Child - Part 1Creepypasta: The Officer and the Child – Part 1
Outside an abandoned asylum, a young Arabic man wearing casual clothes and an unusual mask seemed to be nodding to himself as though carrying on a hushed conversation with someone. He was the only one there, so it would be probable he was on a cellphone or was just talking to himself. In a surreal touch, his accent was a hushed Germanic tone.
“I-yes, of course…no, I can sense her “father” is out, she’ll be food for worms soon enough…success? Of course, I wouldn’t be here otherwise, master. I was hoping by now you’d know I live to follow your rules. I promise, sie wird neben mir verrotten [she will rot next to me].” With that quizzical promise he began making his way towards the buckled-in entrance doors.
Home. For better or worse, this asylum was Ally’s only place she could call home. She wandered the halls aimlessly, knowing her father the Slenderman was out on “busi
Creepypasta: The Officer and the Child - Part 2Creepypasta: The Officer and the Child – Part 2
“Erich Niche, you know I love you so. I thought you loved your mother as she loves you? Don’t you understand all she’s done for you by taking you under her wing?” The ancient woman’s voice reverberated through the hollow room. She sounded deceptively, almost mockingly frail, but spoke with the authority of one with absolute power.
“Mother, I can’t see! I know where I am, but this place is-where am I?!” Erich was panicked. He had never displeased his mother before. And he was legitimately confused as to where he was or what had happened after he had been banished back to Hell by the Nightmare Puppet.
“This is an extradimensional space outside of Heaven and Hell” his mother hissed. “This are where all my rejected sacrifices end up. Do you want to see what they saw?”
The woman’s voice cackled softly as the medical tools within the ro
Creepypasta: The Serpent and the Myth - Part 1Creepypasta: The Serpent and the Myth
Part 1
The serpent was uncoiling.
She had been sated now and again, each time in blood and blood only. The serpent was itself a monster within a monster. And her rage had until now been largely impotent, being contained from the world as a whole by a twofold cage.
And still, the serpent was uncoiling, always seething, straining to breach the walls of her prison.
“Daddy…” a bleary-eyed Ally mumbled as she half-stepped, half-fell out of bed.
She had spoken more out of reflex than anything else, since it would be odd if her adoptive father of sorts was standing over her bed at this hour of the night. And indeed, he wasn’t. Grabbing a candle from her nightstand and one of her favourite voodoo dolls from beside her pillow, she began wandering the halls of the abandoned asylum. Ally checked several rooms before she realized that she had been searching through High Voltage’s usual haunts, not the Slenderman’s. Sleep cou
Creepypasta: The Serpent and the Myth - Part 2Creepypasta: The Serpent and the Myth
Part 2
“Be rational. This isn’t the way you handle your problems, my daughter” the Slenderman said as he nevertheless struggled to remove her razored claws.
“Evidently it is, actually” she leered as she kicked at the back of his shin out of spite.
Berserk Nightmare Ally wrenched the Slenderman’s arm into a chokehold with her free hand, and being in such close proximity to another Slenderbeing meant he couldn’t simply teleport away. He wondered for a moment why she could be trying to immobilize him. The Slenderman’s answer was provided moments later when the shadows in front of the wrestling duo coalesced into a shaft of jagged darkness. The Slenderman had a plan, though. He briefly paused struggling as Berserk Ally lined up her shot, only to throw her over his shoulder when the supernatural javelin launched through the air towards him.
“You’ll have to try way, way harder than that to get t
Creepypasta (?): Role ReversalOutside of time and space, inside of his extradimensional lair, a very lethargic Zalgo was seated on his throne as he stared into a pool of liquid darkness suspended in midair. He was observing all of existence as he often did while in his throne room. After all, there really wasn’t much else to do these days ever since Cthulhu had moved out. As Zalgo watched reality ebb and flow like water in a kiddy pool, his proxy the Soothsayer approached him.
“Lord Zalgo, is anything of note happening?”
“Just another boring day in the universe” Zalgo sighed back. “Black holes chomping into star systems, solar systems being born out of the cosmic dust of older planets and stars, alien space battles being covered up by NASA, etc. So no, nothing unusual today. Unfortunately.”
“What do you mean?” As she spoke, Soothsayer stalked over to her master.
The floor constructed from silvered bones and eyeballs on plant vines grasped out to reach her as he
Creepypasta: The God That Failed - Part 1Creepypasta: The God That Failed - Part 1
Michelle Mathieu had just finished disassembling his MP5 submachinegun into its main components and was in the process of swabbing the barrel for dirt and debris. Out of all of Slenderman’s proxies he was the only one who routinely possessed firepower heavier than a handgun, which held obvious advantages but a few drawbacks as well. The tedious maintenance was one of his personal pet peeves, especially in the middle of the night on a dusty gully floor with the only illumination being one penlight on the ground and the dim stars overhead.
He was sitting cross-legged in the gully around a makeshift fire with Hoody, Masky, the reanimated girl known as the Slender Doll (or simply Ally, most often), and the enigmatically eldritch creature called Slenderman. Michelle himself called the faceless being “Grandfather” after his patriarchal demeanour as head of their pseudo-family cult. The Ferryman grinned bemusedly for a second when he
[Commission]Chibi Ally by fabyhoshigaki-samaSLENDER FAMILYYYY :D by Laxianne

What can make a CP OC be deemed a Mary Sue/Gary Stu? 

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Well I think I'm coming back slowly

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 9, 2015, 4:58 AM
Well since it's the middle of spring break for me, I can take a breather and do my work and possibly catch up on all I've missed since I been gone. So yay, I'm not so stressed!


//Facts about this dork

Made by the wonderful WhiteNoiseGhost

:bulletred: I'm a 17 year old female dork who lives in Northern Ohio. I also have blonde hair and blue eyes. o3o
:bulletblack: I'm really into mainly Creepypasta, MLP:FiM, Doctor Who and American Horror Story
:bulletwhite: I have scoliosis in my lower back and have a sensitivity to wheat/gluten (It suuuucccckkks)
:bulletred: I'm a pretty sweet girl who likes to help people and meet new people but will get very aggressive if you be rude to me or be a jerk. Respect me and I'll do the same.
:bulletblack: I do much of my art traditionally with pencil, black pen and markers.
:bulletwhite: My most popular OCs or well known OCs are Slender Doll Ally and The Hangman in the Creepypasta Fandom
:bulletred: I tend to fangirl...a lot.
:bulletblack: My favorite bands are Skillet, We as Human, Volbeat, Disturbed, Mushroomhead, Fall Out Boy, Evanescence, Paramore, Flyleaf and Hollywood Undead.
:bulletwhite: I don't bite....hard.
:bulletred: Did I mention I wear glasses? I am blind as a bat without them x.x
:bulletblack: I also like to write odd little stories. Usually it's with my CP OCs but nonetheless I kinda get carried away...

Gift Art Stamp by owlityFriends Stamp by Drake1Awesome Friends Stamp by Toxic-Mario
I appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92Messages Stamp by WetWithRainSelf taught artist - stamp by Eirene86

Welcome to my Page~

Hullo~ Welcome to my page my dears~
Artist // 16 //Selftaught // Bisexual // ♐ // Taken

Multi-styled Text Generator at

Name: Sierra R.
Known As: Ika, Ally, Ally-Doll, Tweek, C.C
Age: 16
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Taken <3
Zodiac: Sagittarius Sagittarius posing by Botchan-MLP
Interests: drawing, writing, role-playing, doodling random shit in my sketchbooks, making new friends, being that awkward weird kid in the group... xD
Current Fandoms: MLP:FiM, Creepypasta, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Soul Eater
Favorite Bands: Skillet, Disturbed, Shinedown, Hollywood Undead, Three Days Grace, Paramore, Fallout Boy, Breaking Benjamin
Fun Facts:
:bulletred: I am the creator of the Creepypasta OC dubbed "Slender Doll Ally" or just "Ally"
:bulletblack: I really am shy sometimes but don't hesitate to chat with me!
I'm known to be a good listener and good shoulder to cry on.
:bulletblue: I am the awkward person who makes a conversation interesting.
:bulletpurple: Do not get on my bad side: Believe me you will regret it xD
:bulletgreen: Shoot me a note if you want to talk or ask questions! I don't bite~

If you like my art, +watchers and favorites are appreciated <3
Peeps I Know From the Real World:

My birthday badge
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Hello there, a close friend of mine recommended you for some advise and I was wondering- if you have some spare time- if you could read my OC's story, and possibly offer some pointers? I few people have read it and said it was good, but never given me any real advise for improvement- and I know it definitely needs some in certain parts but I'm not entirely sure what I could do. If you could, it would be greatly appreciated.…
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i was watching some of your creepypasta oc videos and i want to say they have been very helpful for telling me what to avoid doing while making my first creepypasta ocs so just wanted to drop a little thanks Smile Miguel 
creepypastas-exe Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG someone made a rant video of your OC…

hahaha you got prank i made that video for you :iconholaplz:
HattyHatingtoncrash Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  New member Student Traditional Artist
Hello ika. My friend just made an animation on Ally because he finds your character very cool but there is one problem I can't activate the video because it is on pivot
Also he credit you on your character.
Night-Class Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for all the favs
LadyAnnMajora Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I made a spider child.…
Nightcool Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Student General Artist
It says "achievement unlocked: Senpai noticed you" but where are senpai?!
Night-Class Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for all the favs
MistressWhispy Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Whisper yells*Told you i'd restore your PM c: 
Nightcool Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Student General Artist
*whisper shrieks* hI!
MistressWhispy Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
@ - @ MEEP
Nightcool Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Student General Artist
Yay. Though slight delimah.... I left the Derp Brigade so could you invite me back? XD
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Thanks for the fav! And great drawings! :-)
LadyAnnMajora Featured By Owner Edited Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, you in the mood to make up ships & maybe Rp with a possible ship to see if they would work or not?…
Chippszanuff Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ika I love your work
InvaderIka Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Student General Artist
Aww thank you!
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Ello! XD
jordylovesjenny Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
How are you?
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